Server Rules

General aims and rules:

  1. We want our server to be as positive, safe, and fun as possible!
  2. Chat must be child-friendly, and non-toxic.  We will not tolerate any chat which is overtly sexual, bigoted, misogynistic, racist, profane, vulgar, hateful, disrespectful, bullying, misleading, unkind, etc.
  3. Hackers, autoclickers, macros, cross-teaming, and other forms of cheating, will not be tolerated.
  4. We only allow “normal” clicking.  We do not allow drag / butterfly / jitter / double clicking etc.  Sorry!
  5. Similarly, we only allow the likes of ninja bridging and other “normal” crouch-bridging methods.  The likes of “Godbridging”, “Moonwalking” and “Breezily” are not allowed.  Sorry!
  6. Toxic behaviour such as kill-farming, using secondary accounts in the same game, working against your own team, harassment, bullying, inappropriate names / skins, disrespect of others’ beliefs etc, is not allowed.
  7. Advertising, spamming, trolling etc. is not allowed.  Similarly any kind of unsolicited evangelism is to be avoided.
  8. Feel free to enjoy dishing out occasional creative taunts or insults, so long as they are genuinely funny, witty, “clean”, conveyed in the spirit of good sportsmanship, preferably directed at your friends rather than your foes, and could not be perceived by the recipient as being “unkind” or “toxic”.
  9. We don’t have any objection to non-English chat, but be aware – we can usually only moderate chat which is in English.
  10. Escalating “dramas” are strongly discouraged, and may result in a “mute” for one or both players.  We want a positive friendly server, not a toxic one.  If another player is firmly in the wrong, and their behaviour would merit a ban or mute, then in order to report them, you will need *proof*.  This usually takes the form of a video and/or screengrab.  Oft-times though, if you have beef with someone, the best thing you might be able to do is just let it go and walk away.
  11. You are not allowed to share private information, either your own or anyone else’s, such as anyone’s real name, address, phone number, email, etc.
  12. We strongly encourage players to be kind to one another, such as being magnanimous in victory.  If you are a skilled player, and you encounter a “noob” – there’s no need to lord it up over them!  Please try to be as kind and encouraging as possible.  Bullying and toxicity will not be tolerated.  Arrogant cheap-shot comments such as “EZ” or “noob” are toxic, and therefore not allowed.