Players get karma points for positive behaviours and good vibes. Good karma = awesome rewards!

The core value of our server:  We strive for it to be non-toxic, safe, and fun.

Our karma system is designed to:

  • Reward positive kind behaviour.
  • Discourage offending.

BashyBashy is a non-toxic minigame server, where it pays to be kind! If you build up enough karma points, you get in-game advantage.  Simply for being a decent human being!  This usually takes the form of a “kit”, given at the start of each minigame.  The more karma you have, the better your starter kit.

Epic karma = Epic kits!

There’s loads of different ways you can gain or lose karma (note however – you can NOT buy karma, see below).

Players are allowed to remove or give a little karma to others without submitting a formal report.  However, there are distinct limits to this.  For example you can’t give karma to the same player over and over again.

Awarding karma to others

This is done using the karma command.  Examples:

/karma add [playername] 5 For being nice to newbie player in lobby.

/karma reduce [playername] 1 For saying unkind things to everyone else in game.

Admins and mods can award / remove much greater levels of karma points, so if you feel another player’s behaviour was exceptionally positive and kind, or toxic, then the best way to ensure they get what they’re due, is…

Submit a player report

This is done via the Report page at our website, or via the Player Report channel on our discord.  Please report as soon as possible after the event (if you leave it too long, the report might not be valid).

If your report is successful, this in itself can gain you significant karma, because you’re helping to make the server a positive, non-toxic place for everyone.  This can be one of the most effective ways to gain karma.

Note however that “report spamming”, where you accuse innocent players, can lose you karma for wasting staff time.  Be wary of “hackusating” other players, unless you are absolutely certain that they were cheating.  Our automated anticheat system is highly effective.  If you are submitting a player report, this will be most effective if accompanied by a screengrab, or a video clip.  Note that this must include the “Game ID” which you will see in the scoreboard on the right of the screen.

Other ways to gain / lose karma

  • Some players simply want to play the game, without much chit-chat, not particularly attracting attention to themselves.  This is a form of “positive” and non-toxic behaviour.  So, by simply playing enough games, and not stirring up trouble, you can gradually gain karma.
  • Note that our chat filter will occasionally automatically remove karma if it’s had to censor you repeatedly, or if it considers the words you are saying to be particularly toxic.
  • The chat filter is an automated system, and we realise that it will occasionally be triggered by “false positive” combinations of words which are in actual fact in no way toxic nor offensive.  Apologies for this.  If it removes a single point from you, please don’t hassle our staff / mods to reinstate that one point, as this will be too time-consuming for them to deal with.  Please just accept that like any system, it has slight imperfections, and that it affects everyone in exactly the same way.  Sorry!
  • Rulebreaking of any kind loses karma points.
  • Hackers, autoclickers, cheats, racists, bullies etc are not tolerated and be banned.  However even if they are successful in appealing a ban, they will still likely lose considerable amounts of karma.
  • Deliberate abuse of the /karma command can in itself be considered toxic behaviour, so be careful to be fair and balanced each time you award karma.
  • If you are ever involved in “test” sessions for games which are in development, or provide useful feedback / suggestions, or contribute to the server in other ways, this can occasionally gain you karma.
  • It is NOT possible to buy karma, and never will be.

Staff decisions are final.  However if you feel that a major mistake has been made, or that karma decisions have been grossly disproportionate, and you have a solid case, then you can submit an appeal (at our website or discord).  Again, note that “spamming” appeals without proper cause can lose you further karma.

Have fun, good luck!