Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why are jitter-clicking, drag-clicking, butterfly / double clicking not allowed?

A. Whilst it is possible to click very fast using the above methods, a huge proportion of players with very fast click-speeds are actually simply using either autoclickers or hacked clients with killaura to achieve that effect. We do not want cheats and hackers on our server. Therefore in order to reliably detect people who are cheating, we only allow “normal” single-clicking. Also, the likes of jitter clicking can seriously hurt your arm, wrist, hand and fingers over a long period of time, so we do not want to encourage youngsters to cause themselves long-term physical harm for the sake of what is supposed to be a fun game.

Q. Why are the likes of godbrigding, moonwalk, breezily, witchly etc. not allowed?

A. Only a tiny proportion of players have sufficient skill and/or clickspeed to achieve these forms of bridging reliably enough to actually pull them off in-game on a regular basis, legitimately. A far greater number of players who appear (!) to use these methods in-game are simply using hacked clients, macros, autoclickers etc. We do not want cheats and hackers on our server. Therefore, only “normal” bridging methods such as ninja are allowed.

Q. Why is BashyBashy on java version 1.8? Why is it not on the newest version?

A. There are better anticheats available for java 1.8! We want as strong an anticheat as possible. Also approx 1/3 of players run older versions of MC.

Q. Why is the Survival server on version 1.8? Why is it not on the newest version?

A. Significant numbers of our players are still running v.1.8. Hardly any servers nowadays cater for players who prefer the older versions of minecraft, there are many other servers out there hosting newer versions. It is still possible for people using newer versions to access our SMP server, so we hope it will give you a more interesting and unusual experience.

Q. How do I gain karma points?

A. Simply by being a decent human being! Karma points are awarded and removed depending on your actions on the server. You can award karma points to other players in-game if they are kindly or encouraging. Likewise you can remove karma from another player if they are toxic. Note that there are various limitations to this, for example you can’t aware/penalise the same player repeatedly. If you think someone deserves more points for being very kind (or removed for being toxic), then please submit a player report (with suitable evidence) via the Report page of our website. Evidence might be a video, or chat-log. Server staff / moderators will assess your report, and award / remove karma accordingly. Submission of these reports can gain you karma points as well – so it definitely pays to be kind to others! You can also gain karma if your report of another player’s toxicity is upheld. Note that staffs’ decisions are discretionary, and are not up for debate.

Q. How do I spend karma points?

A. You don’t “spend” them as-such. What happens is, if you have excellent karma, you get starter “kits”, simply for being a decent human being. We hope this will encourage players to be kind to one another. 🙂

Q. How do I get the “encouragement” kits?

A. If we can see you are new to the game, or if your win statistics suggest you’re not a “pro” player, then you might automatically be awarded an “encouragement” kit at game-start. This is to give you a slightly better chance of surviving and winning against the more skilled battle-hardened players, and will make things more interesting and challenging for them, as well more fun for you!

Q. How do I become a Staff member?

A. If you feel you have something to contribute to the BashyBashy community, perhaps by taking on an official role as a Moderator, content creator, or developer, we have an application form on our Discord channel, under the “Staff Application” thread. All staff must have a Discord account. Our discord server can be found here: