Your team’s island, and other islands, are suspended above the “void”.  If you fall in the void, you die.

Your bed allows you to respawn – provided it has not been broken!  You can protect your bed by placing blocks around it.  To attack another team and destroy their bed, you will need to build a bridge toward their island, then overcome their defences (see this tutorial we made – how to bridge!).

Buy blocks and weapons from the “shopkeeper”, using currency (e.g. iron, gold) from the spawners.  Use diamonds and emeralds (found on the central islands) to buy summoner upgrades, team upgrades, and special items.

You will also find the “Armourer” and the “Enchantress” on the central island.  The Armourer sells special items.  The Enchantress can enchant a tool, weapon, or armour.

Good luck – and remember, the team who snoozes, loses!

bedwars image

Assault Course

assault course image

All players have infinite respawns.

There are a number of “checkpoint” gateways along the route.  Each time you pass through a checkpoint, it will set your spawn to that checkpoint.

Try to punch other players into the void!

Each player gets a bow at the start of the game but you only get an arrow each time you pass a “checkpoint”, use them wisely.

Try not to fall, and race through it as fast as you can!

Full Iron Armour

You need to be the first to forge or steal a full set of iron armour! Wear it all to win the game.

Use your nether star to access the “shop”, to spend some of your hard-earned resources hindering your competitors, perhaps by sending them an unfriendly zombie attack, or teleport to the leader to kill them and steal their goodies!

When you die, all your items and armour will be dropped, and you respawn with only a basic kit. You can retrieve any items you earlier deposited into an Ender chest.

You might get lucky and find lots of iron really quickly, but you never know when someone else might race ahead! Who will be the first to wear a full set of iron armour…?

full iron armour image

Survival Multiplayer (SMP)

smp farm

To claim your own plot of land on our SMP server you must mark opposite corners of the area to be claimed. This is done by standing in one corner and entering the command “//pos1”, then standing in the other corner enter “//pos2”. You may need to build yourself up a bit to get the height you need.

Once the corners have been set enter the command “/rg claim region_name” where region_name is what you want to call the region.

Once your region has been claimed only you will be able to build or break blocks within it. See this page for more information on how to add your friends to your region.

Each time the Ender Dragon is killed, the End will be reset some hours later, so that everyone can get a chance to beat the dragon. 🙂