Appeal a ban

Appeal a ban using the form below. Explain in depth and full detail, the reason for your appeal. If you WERE cheating / toxic, and the basis of your appeal is that you are simply sorry for what you have done, and want to be given a second chance, then write something here that will absolutely convince us you understand why your behaviour was unacceptable, that you have changed your attitude, and why you deserve to be un-banned. If you have proof, such as a youtube video, then include a link (note that videos should show the whole screen, not a cropped screen). Note that whilst we might give some people a second chance, we are highly unlikely to ever give anyone a third chance, so if your appeal is successful please be very careful never to cheat or be toxic again on our server. If we are reasonably sure you were cheating but you claim you were not, or if your apology does not sound sincere, then your appeal will not be successful.

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The more detail you provide here, the better.
Ideally with proof if you have any, e.g. link to YouTube video
Click on the “rules” page to read them.